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Compliance with Standard 3 CT technology within baggage screening isn't just about replacing existing machines for new, it requires an holistic review of the processes and procedures which underpin performance and throughput.
The Daifuku group of companies have over 420 installations of Standard 3 machines world wide and have gained a vast amount of expertise, knowledge and experience from integrating into all types of environments.
Daifuku Logan's team of Standard 3 process engineers, system designers, simulation experts and BIM modelling professionals, combine to deliver a bespoke solution tailored and built around the requirements of the customer and system.


Concepts & Design

Daifuku Logan's dedicated Standard 3 team, uses the latest technologies in AutoCad, 3D design and simulation software to build existing systems in order to model and develop new installation for Standard 3.
The use of these technologies when combine with BIM modelling is particularly powerful in capacity constrained baggage halls and terminals where consideration needs to be given to the additional requirements of the various Standard 3 machines in regards to size, weight throughout and processing times.



The use of BIM modelling ensures that designs are "fit for purpose" and are able to be built within the building constraints. This is particularly important within existing baggage and building environments. The use of clash detection against building services, steelwork and fabrication enables the baggage design to be modified iteratively ensuring minimal on site "surprises".
We work closely with architects and design integrators to ensure that the BIM models and clash detections highlight all major problems and obstructions thus reducing unknown costs


EDS Vendors

Daifuku has integrated over 400 various EDS machines into existing and new installations, we are independent of any supplier but do maintain close relationships with many vendors enabling our experiences in integration and Operations and Maintenance to be shared back into machine development.
Using the various simulation tools available we are able to build and demonstrate baggage system design and machine capabilities virtually. Providing the customer with an up front view of how the system will look along with a real expectation of performance, throughput and in system time.


S3 Simulation

Daifuku Logan's uses advanced simulation models to build, test and performance stress the integrity and validity of it's designs.
Simulation models can be built at the very early stages of the Standard 3 process independent of any machine selection and decisions, using these software simulation tools we are able to run system throughput and assess design criteria as well as the physical effects of baggage on the system.
We can apply full physics to the models which realistically simulate the effects of the system layout and design on baggage and how this impacts on baggage orientation, stability and ultimately system performance.
We then use this information to design out unnecessary design aspects of the system which affect performance.
Daifuku Logan's expertise within Standard 3 design, build and integration is leading the way in challenging the norms and pushing the boundaries of technology and ensuring Daifuku are - "Always an Edge Ahead".



Once the Standard 3 system has been designed, simulated and approved by the customer, Daifuku Logan are able then to use Emulation tools and software to build the actual PLC code in the test lab using the above 3D models and simulations.
The PLC code is written and built around the models virtually and full end to end FAT testing is completed with the customer present in our test lab.
Any faults and issues can be easily rectified and re-tested in the lab, SAC and SCADA applications are also tested and integrated to provide a fully functioning system prior to any site installation and commissioning.
This dramatically reduces on site commissioning costs and time, providing the customer the a high level of assurance when going live especially in operational environments.

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