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Daifuku Logan is a specialist in baggage system manufacture and integration. With a full range of baggage system products, solutions and services, we are one of the few companies in the world able to provide for all aspects of a baggage system solution from design to hand over and operations & maintenance.

With proven systems technology and leading edge material handling solutions, we aim to provide our airport and aviation clients the highest level of service, quality and know-how to enable their systems to meet the demands of today and the future.

Daifuku Logan

For over 70 years the Daifuku Group has been developing seamless innovation in automated material handling solutions.

The Daifuku Group is the world’s leading materials handling company with a projected annual turnover in excess of 2 billion USD. Since entering the airport baggage handling industry Daifuku has continued to invest and break new ground in product R&D and systems and solution design, along with major investments in customer demonstration centres (Japan, UK & USA) showcasing a full range of integrated product solutions.

These developments include:

  • Innovations in Baggage Tray Systems, Tilt Tray Sorters, DCV and the DuoSys crane systems. These provide Daifuku with cutting-edge products and its customers with an “always an edge ahead” advantage.

  • Opening regional customer service and support offices to facilitate key market/customer facing relationships and enhance the value of all Daifuku solutions.

  • Investment in people, to create a global resources base and build a unique, highly competent and experienced workforce of over 6,000 people set for the challenges of the future airport baggage handling market.

Prior to joining the Daifuku Group in 2011, Logan was a name synonymous with the design, manufacture and integration of baggage handling systems and solutions for over 50 years. During this time, Logan installed over 400 such systems worldwide with a range of ground breaking, innovative products.

Daifuku Logan has sales, design and manufacturing facilities as well as customer service and support locations based in the north and south of England, France, Asia and China. It is a sister firm of Daifuku Webb, a company in the USA with an annual turnover of 500 million USD and capabilities in every aspect of baggage and materials handling.

The Daifuku Group currently has affiliate companies and offices operating in over 20 countries and regions.

Daifuku has located factories in various areas of the world to manufacture in the optimum location:





  • Tainan, Taiwan: TAIWAN DAIFUKU CO., LTD.

  • Incheon, Korea: DAIFUKU KOREA CO., LTD.


  • Chonburi & Pinthong, Thailand: DAIFUKU (THAILAND) LTD.


  • Michigan and South Carolina, U.S.A.: JERVIS B. WEBB COMPANY




Daifuku Co., Ltd. (“Daifuku”) announced today it has entered into an agreement to purchase an 80% of the total number of outstanding shares of BCS Group Limited (headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand; “BCS”) (“Share Transfer”), pursuant to the resolution passed at a meeting of the board of directors held on October 30, 2014. Under the agreement, BCS will operate as a subsidiary of Daifuku.

1. Purpose of the acquisition
The Daifuku Group (“the Group”) positions the airport baggage handling business as one of its core businesses. The airport baggage handling business is operated mainly by two Group companies; Jervis B. Webb Company (headquartered in the U.S.), operating mostly in North America, and Daifuku Logan Ltd. (headquartered in the United Kingdom), operating mostly in Europe. The Group seeks to expand this business by increasing orders and profitability through proposal-based marketing, cost reduction in production and procurement, and comprehensive project management. Meanwhile, BCS was highlighted as a company that would be an ideal partner in the airport baggage handling business in terms of sales territory, customer base, and products. The Group has negotiated the transfer of BCS’s shares to expand and enhance its business in an efficient manner.

To read the full press release please download it here:

Farmington Hills, Mich. (June 4, 2014) — Jervis B. Webb Company, a subsidiary of Daifuku Webb Holding Company, is pleased to announce the promotion of Rob Schmit to President.

In his new role, Schmit will oversee all departments at Webb and is in charge with leading the company to future growth.   He is a graduate of Eindhoven University of Technology, located in The Netherlands, and has over 20 years of experience in logistics and material handling.  He was most recently Executive Vice President at Daifuku Webb Holding Company.

In addition, Ken Hamel was appointed to Senior Vice President of Daifuku Webb Holding Company.  In this position, Hamel will coordinate Daifuku’s Global Airport Baggage Handling (ABH) strategies.  Hamel has been with Webb for over 30 years.

 “Rob and Ken have been instrumental in the growth of our company, and we are proud to recognize their contributions to our collective success,” said Brian Stewart, President & CEO of Daifuku Webb Holding Company.  “Their innovative thinking and vision will continue to enhance the relationships with our customers and help us maintain leadership in the industry.”

UK airports’ trade body publishes aviation “manifesto” recommendations

EMBARGO: Immediate, 7 May 2014

With exactly a year to the day to go before the next general election – 7 May 2015 – the Airport Operators Association (AOA), the trade body for UK airports, has published its latest position paper on aviation policy. It makes six key policy recommendations it would like to see adopted by the Government and Opposition parties in their respective general election manifestos.

These are:  

  • Support sectoral growth: promote UK airports’ growth, through the Aviation Policy Framework and the Sir Howard Davies Airports Commission
  • Review and cut further all levels of Air Passenger Duty
  • Incentivise the take up of sustainable aviation fuels, to help enable ever more sustainable aviation
  • Improve surface access – rail and road – to airports through a single national transport strategy
  • Speed up planning by setting clear land-use policies in noise contours, curtailing the building of housing and other noise sensitive buildings around airports so that fewer people in future live in areas where there is aircraft noise
  • Align UK security requirements with the nature of threats


Darren Caplan, Chief Executive of the AOA, said:

  • “Airports are part of a thriving UK success story, supporting a million jobs, contributing more than £50bn GDP to UK plc, generating over £8bn a year tax revenues to the Treasury, and supporting a whole range of economic and social activity. With passenger numbers heading in the right direction following the recent economic downturn, it’s extremely welcome that the Government has started to recognise the contribution our members can make to the recovery. From a positive Aviation Policy Framework (APF) to Sir Howard Davies calling for expansion in airport capacity, not to mention the recent cut in long-haul Air Passenger Duty (APD), it is clear that politicians and decision makers now realise the importance of a successful airports sector.


  • “We believe, however, that there is much more they can do realise the full potential of UK aviation. This includes acting to reduce all levels of APD and commissioning a study to consider the impact of the tax on the whole of the UK economy, as the Treasury has done recently with fuel duty; incentivising the take-up of sustainable aviation biofuels, to help aviation become ever more sustainable; and building on the positive language contained in the APF by promoting a planning regime which enables all UK airports to grow and by committing to act on the recommendations set out in the Airports Commission Final Report when it is published in the summer of 2015.
  • “We are just a year away until the next general election, and whichever party wins will have to grapple with these issues. We are hopeful that all politicians will take on-board these policy ‘asks’ as they put together their respective manifestos, so that together we can help aviation grow sustainably in future years.”


For further information please contact Tim Alderslade on 0207 799 3171 or timalderslade@aoa.org.uk.

Ben Vogel, London - IHS Jane's Airport Review
30 April 2014
Expansion plans for London Luton Airport were approved by the UK government on 1 May following a review by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles.

Airport officials said the expansion project, announced in 2012, would enable Luton to handle 45,000 extra flights. Annual passenger volume would almost double from 9.7 million in 2013 to about 18 million.

A 15-year development plan calls for the existing terminal buildings to be combined into a single structure, to enable more direct inbound and outbound passenger flows.

This integrated terminal will include a new two-storey boarding pier; a security checkpoint with up to 20 lanes; an immigration and arrivals processing area with 15 lanes; an enlarged baggage-handling system with one domestic and up to eight international reclaim belts; plus enhanced retail, catering, and seating.

By Josh Bond, Associate Editor

Let’s start our annual look at the Top 20 systems suppliers list by putting speculation to rest: Schaefer is No. 1 with $2.65 billion in revenues, a 3% gain over 2012. Daifuku has held second place with $2.46 billion, a 4% increase.

But the battle continues as Modern’s 17th-Annual Top 20 Systems Suppliers list becomes a heated race to the top, with half of the top 10 companies posting nearly 20% year-over-year growth.

While some of that growth is the result of mergers and acquisitions, such as Daifuku’s acquisition of Wynright, the results reflect two facts of life in the industry:
1. The big are getting bigger, as is the case in other industries, and even the small are getting bigger. In 2011, it took just $100 million to crack to the Top 20 list and $383 million to make the Top 10. This year, No. 20 (viastore) posted $116 million in revenue while No. 10 (Knapp) posted $601 million. 

2. And, there is an apparent appetite for automation, largely driven by e-fulfillment that just isn’t explained by industry consolidation.

For some perspective on the latter point, consider that in 2011, the combined revenues of the Top 20 jumped 26% in a single year, the equivalent of leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. It would have been easy to attribute those gains to a bounce back from the disastrous slump in 2010.

However, 2012 posted another 2% gain and the combined 2013 revenues for the leaders jumped another 6.5% over 2012. All told, the combined revenue of the Top 20 has increased by more than $4 billion since 2010, from $11.4 billion to $15.6 billion in 2013.


The doors of the PTE 2014 opened at 10am on Tuesday 25th March.  The venue being Fira Barcelona with over 1300 people attending the conference and record numbers of visitors from at least 85 countries on day one.

The exhibit hall presents all the latest airport technologies including a humanoid robot launched by Gooey Global, which was roaming around the exhibition, programmed to meet and greet passengers at airports with facial recognition functionality and handshake.
So, where better than this venue for the World Class Baggage Handling Company Daifuku Logan Ltd to launch the new brand, new name and new bright, colourful stand.

We had a good range of UK and International stand delegates which helped both with the language and also demonstrated our capabilities across the globe.  Stand 2235 was decorated through the week with our representatives, Ronnie Romano, Phil Taylor, Bernard Magny, Pierre Varnier, Jerome Delaunay, Fabrice Lormois, Matt Chandler, Matt Walker, Christophe Ciccardini and Joanne Matthews. Greeting visitors old and new.  Including our agent Gate Technologies and old associate Cofely.

The vibrant DLL stand had a great impact.  Our presence was extremely important following on from our recent PR campaign to ensure that we put our new name and brand into the market.

The exhibition was a great success with many people walking around with our equally vivid DLL ‘goody bag’.  Which contained a pen, pad and product hand-outs which went down very well, lots of people were interested about what we do and who we are, listening intently to how Daifuku Loganis spiralling into the world of Daifuku and all the wonderful opportunities and prospects this brings for the future, with many interested in the core products of Tilt Tray and Conveyor as well as the capabilities of DuoSys and how this could be integrated into existing and new baggage systems.

Brilliantly situated outside Conference Room 5 we took advantage of handing out information about DLL when the surge of people left the conference room, after listening to the most recent speaker on topics ranging from :-  “Is The Passenger the Egg or the Chicken”, “Happy Airports Make More Money” to “Development of the Ultimate Passenger Experience at Gatwick”.
We had also sponsored the delegate executive lunches which all had the Daifuku Logan logo on the tables and around the seating area, again providing exposure to the brand.

Our objective for being at the exhibition was to put our new name and brand into the market, focus on meeting new people, to plant seeds, to start building new relationships, so that we can get more market intelligence and build our products around what our customer and clients want, with the aim to build more confidence and interest in our business and our expertise.  As a team we are now looking at areas where we can improve strategically both in sales and marketing so that we can build on what we have and grow our business.


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Baggage handling systems integrator, Daifuku Loganhas rebranded the company as Daifuku Logan.

The name change reflects the consolidation of Daifuku’s global ABH (Airport Baggage Handling) Division, which operates in the US, Europe, the Asia Pacific region, Japan & China.

Daifuku entered the airport baggage handling industry seven years ago and has continued to invest in product R&D, systems and solution design, along with major investments in customer demonstration centres in Japan, UK & US. These developments include innovations in Baggage Tray Systems, Tilt Tray Sorters, DCV and the DuoSys crane systems.

Daifuku Logan, which has both sales, design and manufacturing facilities along with customer service and support locations based in the north and south of England, France, Asia and China, is a sister firm of Daifuku Webb in the USA, a company with a US$500 million dollar turnover.

Daifuku Logan recently invested heavily in its UK infrastructure and has plans this year to extend its operational bases to Singapore.

Ron Osborne, Director and General Manager of Daifuku Logan, said:
“We see our name, Daifuku Logan, as the latest step in helping to build Daifuku as a global brand in the airport industry. With the considerable resources, expertise and knowledge of the Daifuku ABH group at our disposal, we are already making inroads in providing airports with modern baggage systems that have transportation, sortation and security screening applications, like Standard 3 screening, as the norm.“


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